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Ongoing closure of the MED DESIRE strategic project, a Mediterranean development project for programs to support initiatives to promote solar energy and renewable energies, partly financed by the European Union.

This project has financed actions of:

  • Capacity building for more than 100 experts and national solar sector actors including 23 experts, representatives of SMEs and governmental organizations involved in vocational training and renewable energy (ATFP, CENAFFIF , Ecopark de borj Cédria, STEG), trained as multipliers on medium-sized solar photovoltaic techniques.
  • Establishment of two tools to stimulate the market of solar energy technologies including solar thermal ordering and the financing mechanism to promote medium-sized photovoltaic solar technologies.
  • Awareness and communication about solar energy technologies (seminars, communication brochures, promotional gadgets, technical publications, etc.).
  • The housing stock has grown from about 2.9 million houses in 2009 to about 3.3 million in 2015, an increase of 80,000 houses per year. This park is expected to grow faster in the next years because of the various real estate projects planned over the medium term.
  • 30%
    The scarcity of national natural resources along with the increase of energy demand leads Tunisia to initiate an energy transition process focusing on the increase of the share of renewable energies in the production of electricity in order to reach 12% by 2020 and 30% by 2030, in comparison to the current 3%. Indeed, the objective is to reach a renewable electric power of 3815 MW by 2030.
  • 41%
    International negotiations on climate change resulted in a historic agreement in December 2015 in Paris called the "Paris Agreement"
  • 30%
    Penetration rate of renewable energies in electricity production in 2030

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