The German cooperation has provided support to the National Agency for Energy Conservation "A.N.M.E." since the 1980s

Special Energy Program :

This program aims at improving the energy supply in the rural zones between 1987 and 1994.

Photovoltaic pumping project:

The project is based on the action of equipping 14 « sondages » with photovoltaic pumps in the regions of Kairouan (7), Mednine (3), and Kébili (2) and Tataouine (2) between 1992-1995

Wind Energy Development Program :

This program aims at strengthening and improving the national capacities ain terms of wind measurement, analysis of wind energy strength and evaluation of wind plants projects for the production of wind energy between 2002-2005

Experimental desalination station of sea water :

The project consists of experimenting a pilot unit of desalination station for sea water functioning with solar energy in order to produce clean water within a targeted capacity of 1 m3/jour between 2003-2006

Strengthening of the Raising-Awarness, Information and Communication team of the ANME through the hiring of a CIMe Expert (Centrum für Internationale Migration und entwicklung).

This action took place between 2002-2004 and it allowed reinforcing and developing raising awareness actions.

Project for the promotion of renewable energies and the rational use of energy (ER2E):

This project took place between 2003-2013 and was divided in 3 phases completed in June 2013.

Through cooperation projects in partnership with the following German institutions :



The Tunisian-French cooperation in the field of energy management dates back to the creation of the Agency.

The partner organizations are the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) and the French Agency for Development (AFD).