Signature of a partnership agreement between ANME and ANGED :

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Today, Tuesday, March 7, 2023, at the headquarters of the Ministry of the Environment, Ms. Naila Al-Qenji, Minister of Industry, Mines and Energy, accompanied by Ms. Laila Al-Sheikhawy, Minister of Environment, supervised the signing ceremony of a partnership agreement between ANME and ANGED.
Messrs. Fathi Al-Hanashi, Director General of ANME, and Badr Al-Din Al-Asmar, Director General of ANGED, signed the agreement in the presence of several executives from both agencies.
This agreement is part of the implementation of the State's policy on ecological transition for a clean and carbon-free environment, which is mainly linked to the achievement of the objectives of the national energy transition strategy.

  • 30%
    The scarcity of national natural resources along with the increase of energy demand leads Tunisia to initiate an energy transition process focusing on the increase of the share of renewable energies in the production of electricity in order to reach 12% by 2020 and 30% by 2030, in comparison to the current 3%. Indeed, the objective is to reach a renewable electric power of 3815 MW by 2030.
  • 45%
    International negotiations on climate change resulted in a historic agreement in December 2015 in Paris called the "Paris Agreement"
  • 35%
    Penetration rate of renewable energies in electricity production in 2030

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